Saturday, October 10, 2015

Inktober -Day 10. Holding on to Sunshine

As with most of my art, I saw the quote first in one of the member's post in Fauxbonichi Journalers group on Facebook. I immediately saw an image but it was different than what you see above.

My original thought was to have a child smiling, "beaming" with her hands over her heart. The child would be drawn in b/w and have the sunshine in color coming within her heart. 

But this morning (I woke up at 5:30 a.m.), my drawing took a different turn. I still drew a child, but there is little joy in this child's face. To me, she seemed devoid of all emotions.

I drew her in ink and colored her with Inktense block. I was going to use gray tones for her but instead, I went with reddish brown. I added the sunshine in yellow and orange and colored the background with the color bark. 

I probably stared at her for about 15 minutes trying to see what she was trying to tell me. Then it hit me. This little girl is me. I've been in a major funk the last 6 months or so and things are getting better. But I have major decisions to make in the coming weeks. And though I've not felt my best, I always keep a bit of sunshine in heart. Perhaps she is trying to remind me that happiness comes from within, not from external sources. 


  1. It is great that you are able to express your inner feelings through your art. In fact, it seems that the art expresses what you haven't even fully identified as your emotions. In the picture of this little girl, you definitely got across the blank, "I don't know what I am supposed to be feeling" expression that I can relate to, largely from writing about characters who feel that way. I hope you resolve what has been weighing on your mind and make the impending decision, and that doing so will bring you relief.

  2. {{{{ Angelcake }}}}


    1. Deedles!! I missed you! I hope you had a great time in Hawaii!

  3. ((Hugs)) Kari. I love the hope in those rays of light.