Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Inktober Day 13 - Using Reference Photos

For today's Inktober piece, I knew I wanted to draw a witch and I was all set to draw these cute stuffed Halloween decorations I have. 

But I wasn't feeling it. I had an image in my mind about a beautiful witch, so I searched Google for a beautiful witch. I found a couple of images I liked.

I love the background of the first and the face of the second. So I tried to combine the two for my piece. I usually save several photos that I find before deciding on which part of each photo I want to use. Mainly, I'm looking for lighting and the "shell" of the subject I'm drawing. My pieces are never an exact copy of an image I use. But many people tell me that they can spot one of my pieces and that I have a unique look.. That's always nice to hear.. 

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