Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inktober Day 28 - Alcohol on Watercolors

Today, I wanted to experiment with a common technique used by watercolor artists to add texture to their painting. While your paper is still wet, you can splatter or touch the end of a Q-tip dipped in alcohol on your painting. Alcohol will "push" the water (carrying your pigment out, thereby leaving a white ring around where you placed the alcohol. 

I wanted to try this technique in my journal which has Tomoe River Paper. Watercolors dry quickly on this paper so I had to work fast. I've done dandelion art several times and I thought this technique would make a great abstract dandelion. I dipped the q-tip in alcohol and squeezed the tip so a drop would drip onto the paper. 

As you can see the effect is subtle. It is much more dramatic on watercolor paper as you can see here.

You can see the ring that forms and I used that same q-tip to rub over the center to get rid of the ring.

On the other side, I just splattered the alcohol.

You may be wondering why I just didn't use a white paint.. I could have but using paint or even a masking fluid would leave a hard edge (at least for me) and I wanted a soft edge. Definitely a fun experiment!

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