I'm Yukari Bromfield and thank you for visiting Art By Yukari! My process for creating my art may be different from most artists in that I start with words. Many of my work are inspired by quotes I find. Words are powerful, images are powerful and when combined, they can evoke strong emotions. What got me started on this journey was this piece.

When I first saw this quote I was transfixed. I found an image on Pinterest that I wanted to use as a model and this piece was born.  I have created a few more like this in what I call my Women of Wisdom series that I discussed here.

I hope that you will follow my blog.  I draw almost everyday in my daily journal (Fauxbonichi) and I share them here. Sometimes I include a step-by-step tutorial. Other times, I may tell a story about me

And now, I have my own online store where you can purchase my art. I hope to expand my store to include more art soon, so please stay tuned! If you would like to commission artwork, please contact me via the form on the right!

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