Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inktober Day 7 - Playing with Inktense

Today for Inktober, I'm using Inktense blocks instead of pens. Inktense come in two forms, pencils and block. I have the 24-count set of pencils and a full set of blocks. I love them! The colors are vibrant and they behave like watercolors when wet but once dry, they are permanent. That means you can layer colors without muddying them. They are made from India ink so you can make mist sprays with them or use it with your calligraphy dip pens.

For today's drawing, I chose my leaf bowl. It is great for entertaining! Fill it up with chips or other goodies and it becomes a part of your fall tablescape. I usually make my pumpkin dip this time of the year. My recipe is sweet with a little bit of kick to it. It's perfect with tortilla chips made from tortillas and a leaf cookie cutter.

For the last few years, I used Mission brand Carb Control tortillas and used the cookie cutter to make the chips. I toast them lightly until the edges are brown. I put the leaf tortillas in my leaf bowl and serve with the pumpkin dip. Now I'm hungry for some!

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