Friday, October 2, 2015

Inktober, Day 2

Yesterday was National Homemade Cookie Day. I saw a post on Facebook but was not keen on celebrating it because we (my husband, son and I) are living a low carb lifestyle. But my girls, as soon as I had both in the car after school, not only reminded me that it was the National Homemade Cookies day but started the guilt trip.

"It's been so long since YOU made cookies for us." (They can now make the cookies themselves.)

"We would make them but I have a physics test and an English test (J)."

"The cookies are so much better when you make them."

Lol. Studying for tests means I get to help out so we just didn't have time to make them yesterday. So instead, I made them today. And just so that I can enjoy the homemade cookies too, I made some low carb mini pumpkin cookie balls. They are perfect with my coffee!

So I decided to make this today's Inktober entry. The picture you see above is in my Fauxbonichi which I inked first with my Platinum Carbon pen and colored with watercolor and diluted ink.

Now that I've taken Liz Steel's Edges class, I'm always looking at different types of edges. So I decided to try to color first and then ink.

This was done on 140-lb cold pressed watercolor paper. I do like this version better. What do you think? 

I wonder if my skin would start to turn orange as I've been eating a lot of pumpkin lately.. My girls will be thrilled when they get back from school later!

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