Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inktober Day 14 - Everyday People

There is a person who spins a store sign (aptly called a sign spinner) who stands at a corner where I go through every morning when I take the kids to school. Since I go through that intersection 4 times every morning, I watch her sometimes as I wait for the light to turn. 

She has been there everyday for months, always covered from head to toe. She even wears a bandana or other face covering. Even in the 100+ degree weather, she's covered. I'm assuming this person to be female though I really can't be for certain.  She's always spinning the dry cleaner sign every morning listening and dancing to music (once again, I'm assuming based on her headphones). I wonder how long she's out there, I wonder what her story is. I wonder how long she will be there. 

I used the Preppy 02 fountain pen to draw and Koi watercolors to paint.i think it's time to clean my palette!


  1. I love your inquiring mind and interest in people, Angelcake.


    1. I just drove by there on my way to pick up my kids and she was still there at the different spot with a different sign. She must be so hot.. It's in the 90's!

    2. There is not enough money in the world to even tempt me to do that! I like the ones who are so enthusiastic about it that you kind of want to get out there and join them. We have one here dressed as a gigantic pickle in front of a sandwich shop. His or her ( can't tell with a giant pickle, kind of ironic huh) enthusiasm is so contagious it makes me smile and hope they have plenty of water. It's been pretty hot here too! I love your painting, by the way. For some reason it leaves me feeling kind of nostalgic.