Thursday, January 14, 2016

The last few days..

Here is today's prompt... My pet. We found Vince at the Humane Society in Houston. We had looked at other dogs in various shelters and in fact, we had picked another dog. But after thinking it over, we decided that the other dog was too small for our family. After looking at, my oldest daughter wanted to look at this funny looking dog at the Humane society. So the three kids and I went to see him.

This was 8 years ago. There was something about him that connected to us. So we adopted him. He was and still is, a very timid dog. He doesn't play with toys and though he wants his family near, he doesn't like to cuddle. He gets very upset when there's dancing and he especially gets upset when I hug my kids too long.. Lol. 

He is like my fourth child and he truly is my dog. When I'm sick, he stays with me, not even eating if I'm not downstairs. He looks for me when I'm away. And he gets very upset if I spend anymore than a minute in the bathroom! 

Well, I'm must have been in a nostalgic mood because yesterday's prompt was rubber ducky and I immediate thought of my daughter's 2nd birthday party.

I was 8 months pregnant with my third and I was baking and decorating a ducky cake! It took hours!!! And I probably will never do that again.. Jess and her friends played outside where we set up several play pools with duckies while rubber duckie themed children's songs played. 

I used to love planning themed birthday parties that were a bit over-the-top.. Not in expense but in labor.. Mine! They were all time-consuming projects for me, but I don't regret one second of it.. Fun memories for sure!


  1. So you bake art too, huh? Kudos, Angelcake (howzat for not being jealous?)! Okay, this picture of Vince looks nothing at all like my Cujo, whereas a previous photo did. Not important and it is so very nice of you to give that bundle of love a home. I've had my nine year old bichon/poodle mix for five months now, and I am so totally fascinated by her awesome intelligence and problem solving capabilities. I didn't realize that my little Cujo was as dumb as a box of rocks until I got Bella. I would've been more creative in naming the little bitch, tho. There you go. You have just been inflicted with another rambling tangent. Enjoy! <3


  2. What a sweet photo of your little dog with your kids! And I like how you painted him too! ❤️ My mom used to spend hours like you making our birthdays special! I will always remember the cakes she made and appreciate the love she put into making us feel happy. 🎂 🎉💖