Monday, January 11, 2016

My Desk and Weekend Art

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a bit busy as I got ready to teach my first Sunday School class of 3rd graders. It was fun to be with students again!

The prompt for Saturday was "weekend plans." I drew my daughter and I on my bed catching up on Supernatural on Netflix. This sketch looked a whole lot better before I colored it. I think because I wasn't really working off a reference photo, I over-worked it. We did get to watch one episode in Sunday as we had errands and homework and well, basically life.

Sunday, the prompt was "weekend dinner." 

We usually watch football on Sunday's so tonight, I made Lemon Pepper chicken wings and fries. We watched a bit of Golden Globes too.

Today's prompt was "my desk." I work at the end of my dining table and it's usually quite messy. But I did clean the area before sitting down to draw.

This is the actual photo. As you can see, I left out a few details. And I was not going to color all those markers! And if you noticed that jar that says, "garlic", I'm not eating garlic as I paint. It's just my water jar. Today, I used the Lyra watercolor crayons. It was perfect to lightly color with the crayons and then use my aquash water brush to activate the color. I left the bottom portion blank so I can journal. 

I think my "desk" is too clean. Time to mess it up. I had an idea to make my own molding paste and use pistachio shells... Hmmmm... Have a great Monday!

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  1. Hey, Angelcake. I'm glad your weekend went well. I wish I had a clean desk. The unspoken rule in my house seems to be if the surface is flat, pile stuff on it! We used to have kids to blame it on. Not for twenty years now, so we have to own up to it! I hate clutter, but I seem to hate cleaning more :)