Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Art Challenge Day 3 - Weather

I must admit this is not my weather, which happens to be a golden sun-lit cool morning turning into a warm mid 70's afternoon. So why the snow? 

Author F.E. Feeley has been writing a series of poems about four sisters representing the four seasons. I already painted Autumn which you can see here  And this is Winter. I drew this in my journal as you can see above but this is what I sent him.

I tried to get rid of the center seam with my PS Touch on my iPad and added the poem.

Snow is beautiful to look at. When we lived in Michigan, I loved looking out the picture window in the living room and watching snow fall. 

(That baby now is 12!!)

But I detest being on the road with snow and ice. I remember when we lived in Connecticut driving home from Boston one evening, our SUV spin on black ice. My son was only 6 months old and I finally felt earth shattering fear. We were fine, the SUV spun but no other cars were around and we continued home.

And then there was a drive home from Arkansas to Houston, Texas on Christmas Day when we hydroplaned off the highway on an icy and wet highway. This time, we ended in a soggy grassy shoulder and once again we were lucky that no other vehicles were involved. A very nice Arkansas State Trooper helped us get a tow truck and let us stay in the cruiser until the car was towed. He even took us to a motel and luckily the car dealership was nearby. 

So yes, I'm glad to live in a part of country where we don't have to worry about snow and icy roads. But I can admire it from a distance and in my art. 

Author F.E. FeeleyAuthor F.E. Feeley

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  1. Love today's snowy art- so gorgeous! Love the colors... You and FE Feeley should collaborate on a poetry/art book... that would be amazing. Love the picture with your kids with the window and the snow behind. Beautiful!