Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Daily Process

Here is today's based on several challenges:
Let's Sketch It: jug
Dawn Nicole: dreamers
Tinker Lab: Boundary

And on Fauxbonichi Journaler's group, we are to journal about our Fauxbo process. Perfect for today's blog post.

As you know, I usually start with a quote. But to fulfill these prompts, I start with images and then look for the quote. For today, I started with the word jug and immediately, coffee jug came into mind. So I looked online for a reference photo and found this.

I had the word "boundary" in my mind thinking about how to incorporate it. I could use it as a metaphor because I always try to push the "boundaries" of my art abilities. But then I decided that I would place the quote inside the jug's boundary. So I looked for a quote about coffee and dreamers. By the way, that's exactly what I put in the search field.."quotes about coffee and dreamers".. There were several I liked but ultimately chose, "They call us dreamers but we're the ones who don't sleep." I love this quote because that's me when I'm really dreaming! And unless you are a coffee or tea drinker, you may not get the relationship between the jug and the quote, I decided it needed a picture of a woman drinking coffee. 

Here is the drawing without color.

A detail shots..

And I journal wherever I find space. I love these challenges because they really get me thinking about how I connect words to images.

And speaking of connecting words and images, I saw a poem by the author FE Feeley, Jr about autumn and had to illustrate it.

I drew the image you see on the right and took the image and blurred it to create the background on the left. I stitched the images together in PowerPoint and added the poem. I did share the poem with the author and he loved it. I just love connecting words and images!

And I apologize for the glare in my photos. It is actually raining here in Phoenix and I had to use the overhead light. Hope you have a great day!


  1. I'm one of those artists (in the literary sense) who find it hard to slow my mind down enough to sleep. Great image!! And I always love the way you use color! That poem with your art is exquisite!

    1. Thanks Mia! There are days in which I all think about are things I want to create and those are the days that I need extra caffeine to keep me focused!