Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mandala Monday - Semicolon

Last Monday, I posted three free mandala patterns. I hope you had a chance to download and color them. If you missed it, here's the post. And here is one of mine I colored.

I used Inktense blocks to color. I used minimal water because this was just a copy paper and it can't hold up to much water. I love this pattern because there are so many ways to create different designs by manipulating the shapes within the mandala.

I really enjoyed creating and coloring mandalas so I decided to make this a regular feature on my blog. This week, I used the semicolon as my inspiration. Do you know about Project Semicolon? It is an organization created to support people struggling with depression, substance abuse, and self-harm. It has been featured in many publications like the Huffington Post.

I have family members who struggle with depression and self-harm, so I decided to offer my support for this organization by creating art using the semicolon. What you see above is a mandala done with only semicolon and colored with colored pencils.

I also created a semicolon Ensō (for an explanation of Ensō, here's my post about it.)

I used Copic markers to color it. I love how the colors blend. To me, the circle is eternal, a continuous process. And this particular Ensō suggests Pause-Continue and repeat. Life is full of obstacles and you do need to pause and process the negatives yet focus on the positives. I've had to do that a lot this year. 

And if you would like to try coloring these here are the blank files. Please email me your finished page or tag me on social media. 

Happy coloring!!


  1. Hi Angelcake. I love the second picture. It appeals to my imagination. I see an exotic beach ball or an aerial view of a hot air balloon. Very pretty. I like the 3 D ishness of it. Yeah, I make up words :-) . As a non self harming depressive I appreciate this information too. Ms Kari, your positivity always cheers me up.


    1. {{{Deedles}}} It is difficult to watch people you love struggling.. Hang in there!!

  2. Just out of this world beauty...amazing mandalas. I love exactly
    the way you colored them. So I leave it with you. I can't imagine myself coloring it σ(^_^;)

    1. Thanks, Sandy!! But I've seen your amazing color work, so I'm sure you would have done a beautiful job! Thank you for stopping by!