Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Art and October Video

Last night, I actually worked in my art journal. Yes, I do daily art in my Seven Seas Standard journal AKA my Fauxbonichi, but my art journal is different. How? Sometimes I don't even know. 

What's more confusing is that I have several different art journals, some wire bound, others are like the one you see above. I tend to use lots of mixed media techniques in my art journal. 

And in my Fauxbonichi, I also include my daily thoughts, ideas, or general nonsense. It really is meant to be a work in progress, not really planned. 

And here are my weekend pieces from my Fauxbonichi.

The prompts were:
Tinker Lab - Stencil (I used circle stencil)
DND Challenge - Paisely (I turned my Paisely into an enso)
Let's sketch it - Favorite meme (there are so many but this is one of them)

For today, the prompts were:
Tinker Lab - Copy (I copied the ribbon and the information)
DND Challenge - handwrite "be brave"
Let's sketch it - medical (this is what I used for the theme today)

And here is my October video! Music by Alexandre Tharaud playing Bach's Goldberg Variations No. 17

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