Friday, December 4, 2015

December Art Challenge Day 4 - Warm Drink

Did you have any doubt that it would be coffee? But I have a new-to-me recipe. From what I have been reading, it's supposed to be popular among the healthy conscious folks.

The recipe is simple..
8-10 oz. brewed coffee (I use my Keureg)
1 Tbsp coconut oil (organic, if you don't mind the price)
1 tsp butter (the recipe called for butter from grass-fed cows, but I just had the Kroger brand)
Sweetner of your choice

The key is blending it, not stirring. I used my Braun hand blender. It makes a frothy, creamy coffee. Delicious! And if it's healthy, that's just a bonus. I drink several cups of coffee a day so I won't do this every time I have a cup, but I can handle one!

The health benefits are certain not proven. Moreover, you are adding quite a bit of saturated oils at a time. And though I think this is delicious, I wouldn't get crazy about this.. 

On a different note, my November art video is up. Hope you enjoy it along with a bit of Chopin.


  1. Hi my friend! It is always such a pleasure to see your amazing artwork and am so honored that I have my own piece of your amazing work. I will treasure it always and will be reminded of how much you friendship means to me! I can't thank you enough!!!

  2. Buttered coffee? What have I been missing? Maybe it is better that I don't know...