Monday, December 28, 2015

Mandala Monday - Flower of Life

Do you remember your high school geometry class? For the most part, geometry was not my thing trying to memorize all the theorems for proofs. But I did love the construction unit in which you learned to draw various polyhedrons with a compass and a straight edge. Another unit on tesselation (tiling a pattern), golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence (think nautilus she'll) was among my favorites too. I just think it's super cool that mathematics can be used to explain so many beautiful things nature provides for us. I think it's even more super cool that in nature, so many seemingly different things are connected to each other.

So for today's mandala, I created the "flower of life" pattern. The term, "flower of life", is a recent one though the pattern is ancient. I won't bore you with the details, but if you are interested, start reading this.

I love this pattern so much that I created a couple of stencils with this pattern. I drew the patterns on cardstock, laminated them and cut out certain parts using an X-acto knife. I used the stencils to create my piece for today. I colored using Inktense blocks with a baby wipe. 

And here's the pattern if you want to color it. My daughter was surprised that I created this using only a compass and used the same compass angle until the very end when I drew the outer circle. 

Can you see the different patterns you can create by coloring the petals in different colors? I see a Jewish star, a hexagon, a pentagon, a square, and a triangle.. And if you draw more circles, you can see a cube.. I hope you give this a try.. 

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