Tuesday, September 15, 2015

While Waiting...

This morning, My daughter had her braces removed! While waiting, I decided to doodle.

The orthodontist office looks more like a trendy bar than an orthodontist office. At least it is a pleasant place to wait complete with comfy chairs and a Keurig machine. 

She was thrilled to get her braces off but even more thrilled that she got a gift from the office.. I know she's looking forward to the popcorn! I just love her smile! 


  1. She is beautiful, Angelcake! Is the orthodontist trying to drum up more business with the M&Ms? I do believe that you and Thorny need to get a dictionary to help you with what the word doodle means, for crying out loud! That's just jealousy making it's ugly self heard.


    1. Thank you, Deedles! I think she is beautiful too! I have a friend who coined the word doodlewash to describe the process of quick sketch and adding color to it.. And I think doodlewash fits perfectly to what I do!