Wednesday, September 16, 2015

While Waiting 2...

Déjà vous.. I'm back at the orthodontist office, this time with my son. Another hour to kill. So I drew the picture above. Today's drawing prompt was sunglasses so I found a quote I like and off I went. I used Audrey Hepburn reference photo and used a water soluble Japanese brush pen. I started with the hair so you can see that the blackest part is there. I wasn't quite used to drawing with it yet. But once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed shading with it. 

It took a bit longer for my son so I had time to draw something else from the waiting room. As I said yesterday, the office is very upscale looking. The duct work is exposed and part of the decor. So I drew a part of it.

Yesterday when I got home, I tried to draw my daughter without her braces. I can't ever seem to get her quite right.

And of course I had to do my son..

Here is the actual picture..

Two down, one more to go.. Did I mention that kids are expensive? 😊


  1. These portraits are great!! You're a natural at these Kari! Really well done!! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Charlie! Someday, I will get them right!

  2. Kari- I just started with Chris! Next Wednesday we go get him "processed" for braces! But I know what it is to wait for kids. I wrote many books while waiting for Demi to dance and Sisi to do Drivers Ed and Chris to practice basketball!! Waiting has a actually been one of my most productive times!

    And I love the red lipstick and sunglasses meme. How true!!!