Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween SelfieX3


It's almost October and that means my favorite holiday is approaching! I LOVE Halloween! Every year, I hand out the candy wearing my bat headband, my red scarf with black sweater and my jack-o-lantern earrings! When the kids were younger, I used to host a Halloween party every year because I love to make Halloween treats. I still make a few now, but it's not quite the same anymore.

The portrait above was done by a talented artist, Jenny Kroik, who was featured on the blog Doodlewash (if you are not following this blog, you definitely should!) Jenny does amazing selfie and portraits in watercolor. You can follow her on Instagram here,

I was inspired by Jenny, so I decided to try it myself...a bit more ghoulish version..

And here is the original.

I will be posting decorations and treats in a future post! 

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