Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up...

I had some time last night after we came home from our amazing weekend to summarize the trip in my Fauxbonichi.

Las Vegas used to be a playground for adults and it still is. But there are so many things appropriate for kids, especially for teens. We have taken the kids to Vegas a few times and they love it there. We've probably have seen all the magic shows there! This time, we got to see Mat Franco, who won Season 9 of America's Got Talent. He is an amazing showman. The magic is not glitzy like illusionist, Chris Angel, but Mat's interaction with the audience makes him more fun.

We've done the CSI Experience at MGM before and this time, my older two did the Slotzilla (zip line) in downtown LV. There is also Circus Circus for rides and games. 

There are lots of shows appropriate for families with older children. We saw Jeff Dunham (lots of f-bomb and some sexual references), but only a couple of cringe-worthy moments. And if you don't mind the hefty prices, there are Curque shoes. We have now seen Mystere and O.

Here are pages from my Fauxbonichi about this weekend!

It was hard to get the kids up for school this morning after a mini-vacation. But for me, it was great to get back into my daily routine. The first picture you see above is part of my daily page from today. Have a great Monday!

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  1. What an amazing weekend! It is so much fun to do things like this with your almost-grown-up kids. I really didn't know there was so much for kids in Vegas! The art you created is inspired! It reflects how much fun you had! But I have to say, that portrait on the top is my favorite-love the words and the way the portrait reflects them. There is just such a mood to this piece of art- very different than the weekend art.