Sunday, June 28, 2015

So Many Quotes!

As you know, quotes are an important part of my artwork. Words inspire my art, the quote above by Emerson was shown to me by friend Lili who posted that she could see me use it for my art. Indeed, I saw an image flash when I saw the quote. I knew I wanted to do flowers. I was thinking a field of flowers, all the same color except for one. But once I got started, I decided to go for fewer flowers. My first attempt looked like this.

Something wasn't right about this piece. I wasn't going for realistic. And then it hit me. What I wanted to represent was a rainbow flower in the middle of pink and blue flowers in support of all gender fluid youth and adults who struggle to fit in a world made for a binary system, like Chance from Mia Kerick's Love Spell.  I have been doing promotional artwork for Mia so it made sense.

In my daily journal that I have been keeping since last September, I usually include a quote...some are illustrated, some aren't. The ones that are illustrated aren't carefully thought out, often drawn carelessly. But sometimes, they turn out better than I had hoped. I didn't want to lose those images so I decided that I would redo them in my art journal. Here are ones I've done so far.

One of the things I wanted to improve was my hand lettering. My natural handwriting isn't bad when I'm deliberate. But what I wanted to do is to incorporate different styles, use different tools and techniques. I've been practicing brush lettering using my markers.

Lately, my daily quotes have been more artistic. 

What helps me to create my daily quote art is that I have a daily prompt for drawing. For example, today's prompt was comfort. What do I find comfort in? That's easy, it's my coffee every morning. It was then a matter of finding a quote and then putting together my art.  One day the prompt was for me to draw eyes. I actually had an image in mind so I had one of my daughters pose for me to use as a reference.

This one took awhile for me draw because I'm not very good at shading fabric folds.

Now it was a matter of finding a quote. I ended up using a poem by Christopher Pointdexter.

I'm not sure if we'll have a daily drawing prompt for July. I hope so. It's almost the end of the month. I may have enough art pieces to do another video.. Stay tuned! Have a great Monday!


  1. Dayum, Angelcake, where do you get the time?! I love this whole post and all of the pictures. I especially like the Will Rogers quote. The metaphor of the flowers is perfection! It reminded me of a line in a poem I wrote when I was sixteen. " I in a bed of roses, a daisy". Yours is so much better :) and your daughter is gorgeous! End of stream of consous..conscious... ramble.

    1. It's actually nice to have more ideas than time. I have a feeling Juy is going to be less productive. The Will Rogers quote was originally done on lined paper in my daily journal. I actually like that version than the remake.. Lol

    2. July can afford to be less productive. You've produced enough already to last until the end of the year! My opinion of course. I forgot to add, the fingerprint picture is sooooo cute! They look like sweet little jellybeans :)

  2. Love your art work! It always inspires me and gives me hope. <3