Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fauxbonichi Update For May

It's been a month since my last fauxbonichi update. As a quick overview, fauxbonichi (fauxbo) is my planner/journal that I use to:
1.  Keep me organized - important dates, daily to-do's
2.  Focus on my goals for the year.
3.  Help me capture my day.
4.  Another opportunity to draw.

The image you see above is my May 31 pages.

For the month of May, I went from a composition book, using one page per day to using the MiquelRuis gridded journal with two pages per day. I created my month view pages:

I even used my label maker for days of the week and the actual days. As you can see, I did a good job of keeping track of my goals (the colored squares), but lost steam drawing a highlight of each day. But I do love having the month view pages to get an overview for the month.

I also created a page for weekly menu and a page for weekly goals.

I know why I created the weekly menu page. I wanted to be able to make a grocery list based on what I planned. It sounded good, but I just couldn't (wouldn't) get it done. And don't even ask me what I was thinking for the weekly goals. Perhaps it was for weight loss and excercise. I just don't remember. So for the month of June, these pages did not make a return appearance. 

What I did use everyday were these pages:

In the Facebook Group, Fauxbonichi Journalers, we have daily prompts either to draw, journal, or techniques to try. These are great fun to do, especially for those days when you have very little inspiration. It was nice to have the prompts handy.

My daily pages had the same basic format from the previous month; the header for the date, goals, and weather and footer for appointments and to-do's. Here are a few sample pages.

I enjoyed the prompts. They gave me a starting point for color choice or choosing a daily quote or choosing a color scheme. I tried incorporating washi tape (the decorative tape), but for the most part, I don't really know how to use them. I'm not sure how much washi tape will be used in June.

Towards the end of the month, I scrapped the header/footer system.

I think the freestyle method of documenting my day is really my style. I enjoy it, I like the unpredictably of not knowing how my pages will look. I think this is going to be my June style.

The month of May had wonderful birthday, my nephew's graduation, end of year celebrations for my kids. It also had at least two days that all I did in my journal was to write my frustrations and negative thoughts. And that's what fauxbo is for, documenting my days, help me process my thoughts and feelings. That's why it's so valuable for me. Unfortunately, some of my pages are starting to come loose from the glued binding. I think that because I glue two pages together and because I use a wet medium, the pages come loose. I certainly could tape the existing pages but now will have to consider whether I will be using another journal. 

Here's my June month view.

I added a cover page along with a page for the daily prompt for June.

 I think my June pages are more creative than my May pages. Hopefully, I can add more meaningful journaling too!


  1. Hi Angelcake! Today I'm going to a Rural area to Churn some butter. *Snicker* Just listening to you in my head pronouncing rural is making me chuckle! Your organizational skills is frightening not to mention exhausting ( to me anyway). I always enjoy looking at your work even though I don't understand half (ok, all) of the terms you use and I'm much too lazy to look them up. You are beautiful, by the way.

    1. That's just so cruel! Lol. I've been told that I have no accent, My sister has a very thick southern accent. We are both 100% Okinawan and she can say rural and I can't. Go figure.

      So I've sufficiently fooled you to think I'm organized. I am chaos at its best. But I keep trying to find ways to keep my entropy to a minimum. Love you!!

    2. Pshaw, Ms Kari! I'm so bad, Chaos washed his hands of me and told me to go find another group to be a part of! As for the rural thing, this takes me back to Jr. High ( before the advent of middle schools) and my best friend at the time. She taught me about Rs and Ls. Her mom was a Japanese citizen four foot tall and feisty! Her dad was in the military and of German, English and Spanish descent, six foot eight! Watching them argue was like watching a ferocious mouse bossing a gentle elephant. It was so cute! My friend took after her father in looks (burly and tall) and her mother in temperament. The language lesson came when I asked her about a Spanish word and she told me she wasn't Mexican. I'd known her at school for months and thought she was Mexican American all that time. Anyway I learned about sashimi and sushi long before it became trendy because of her mom. Still don't like it though. I know how you just loooove my tangents, Angelcake, so I just thought I'd let you know what this post triggered. Truly, it's not because I like to ramble *snort*. Love you too, hon.

  2. Had to laugh at the comment above, teehee.
    Your pages are beautiful and love your drawings and paining on the pages.
    I need some structure to my pages but love the look of yours.
    But then again my fauxbonichi is more of a writing journal for me :)

    1. I know, Deedles is a hoot!!

      I really tried your format for the fauxbo because I love how clean your pages are. But it's just not me, just as it would not be you if you tried my way. Lol. And that's why I love fauxbo.. You create your own style and we can all admire, learn, and encourage each other! Thanks for stopping by!