Sunday, June 5, 2016

My combination bullet journal/fauxbonichi

If you've followed my blog, you know that I have a bullet journal to keep track of appointments, tasks, notes, and whatever else I need to write. I also have a fauxbonichi that illustrates my day or I illustrate a quote that's meaning for me on a particular day. When I started teaching in January, I stopped drawing but kept my bullet journal for all the new to-do's. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a new dotted Tomoe River journal which I wanted to use for a bullet journal. And because I love TR paper so much, I started to draw again.. So I thought, "why couldn't I combine my bujo and fauxbo?" And if I do a one-page daily, I can manage a quick doodle even when I'm busy.. 

So here are sample pages from my bujo/fauxbo combo..

This is my filled weekly/daily spread.

And for the weekend, I'm going to do half a page per day, just so I can start my weekly spread on the next page without wasting paper.

I even had time on Saturday to create a two-page illustrated quote to honor Mohammed Ali, which you see at the beginning.

My weekly spread for next week looks like this.. I decided to stencil the background a bit.

And I'm going to post on the weekend to show you my daily pages and other pieces I may create.. I hope you have a great week! I start teaching summer Algebra 2 tomorrow! Should be fun!

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  1. Hi, Angelcake! You know, combining bujo and fauxbo may be illegal in some states (a few red ones) *snicker* . Looks good to me. By the way, summer school, Algebra and fun has all kinds of oxymoronish tones! Ugh! You are a wonderfully multifaceted individual and I hate you! Seriously, Ms Kari, enjoy yourself in/with all of your endeavors. <3 <3