Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Visual or Auditory? Interesting Challenge

This week's Diva's Challenge was an interesting one. The guest blogger, Holly Atwater gave us two sets of challenges. The first was to listen to instructions as you worked on your tile. No names of patterns were given, just audio instructions. I'm a strong visual learner so I was really apprehensive about the first challenge and even thought about skipping it. But I was curious. So I took the plunge. The instructions said to use a 2x2 tile but I didn't have any, so I just created a 2x2 square in my journal. With headphones on, Inlistened to her soothing voice while classical music played in the background. 

The first challenge had me drawing a triangle and another.. Soon, I discovered I was drawing the pattern tripoli, which I've always had difficulty getting all the triangles to fit together. Was I shocked that I was able to produce these triangles in pen!! Somehow, listening to the instructions helped me draw the best tripoli I've ever done.. Was it because I didn't have an expectation about what I was doing that I let myself just follow the instruction? I don't know but I was eager to try the other audio challenges..

The second audio instruction began and I found myself getting ahead and then I recognized a Bach piece playing and it's hard for me to listen to Bach and do something else because Bach requires absolute concentration for me. And then I realized I wasn't listening to the instructions so I stopped the audio briefly. When I turned it back on, I heard Holly say turn the tile 90 degrees. I'm not sure if this was what she intended but my Cruffles curvies are perpendicular. I think it turned out ok.

The third was the hardest for me, partly because I was getting antsy and because of course, another Bach piece was playing, this time Cello prelude in G major.. How could I not listen to that! But I got through it..

I found the whole challenge interesting because I was able to produce tiles that I normally wouldn't (couldn't?). I didn't find this to be too challenging I think because I had drawn these patterns before. I'm now wondering if I can do this with patterns I haven't done before. I'm eager to find out. One thing for sure, I cannot listen to Bach if I need to concentrate on a task.. And finally, I really enjoyed the process so I reproduced the tiles in my daily journal..

This was a fun challenge. I appreciate the relaxing time before the chaos begins. Yes, this is the third week of school and all the homework my kids have are driving all of us crazy. Algebra 1 and 2, physics, chemistry, and vocabulary.. It's like I'm back in school..  And to all of you from the challenge, thank you for the lovely comments, I will try my best to see everyone's. 


  1. Yukari!

    Beautiful job on ALL three tiles!! Isn't it amazing what can happen when you take out visual expectations and you just listen... (except for that Bach thing! Sorry that distracted you!)

    You mentioned that you wonder what would happen if you didn't have experience with the tangle... Well, one of my Zentangle® students played my audio for her book club, which included a number of people who have NO prior experience with Zentangle.... They were ALL able to complete the tangle! They looked great too! My student proudly showed me the photo of the tiles at the next class I taught! Maybe you'll have the experience yourself if one of my future audios is a tangle you're not familiar with!

    I am thrilled that you enjoyed the challenge and I am inspired by your beautiful work! Thanks for participating AND being an over achiever too!

  2. Great tiles! I especially like the first one... it's a pattern I don't think I've really used all that much. That will have to change... thank you for sharing it.

  3. Very interesting to read your experience in listening to the audio instructions. Your work is very nice and I'm sure it was quite relaxing.

  4. Great work Yukari! I had the same experience with the Tripoli audio. I could never draw that one well either and this time it came out better than ever. No expectations. It was fun.

  5. As jean Chaney i think Very interesting to read your experience in listening to the audio instructions, especially as I have not dared to do this experience because I do not understand English well when I hear it. good work.

  6. Great tiles, Yukari! I particularly like how you've strung them all together in your notebook - they look fantastic like this. Your Tuesday Betweed is also very lovely.
    I did notice the Bach Cello Suite - one of my all time favourites - and understand how this can take up all your attention. It stopped me for a moment but I faded it out. Fortunately, Holly has a nice voice to listen to, otherwise, I might have faded her out instead!

  7. I am extremely visual as well and I'm not sure I would be able to follow auditory instructions. I like what you came up with. You probably used a different part of your brain to complete the task.

  8. Reading this was alot like doing the audio challenges all over again...only this time with someone else. How fun! Your tiles are lovely and I really like the way you reproduced them in your journal - and added a Betweed "Tuesday". Delightful!

  9. Good for you, that you found some zen in this challenge. I like the way the tiles are hanging.

  10. Really love that you did this in your journal - it looks great! I also found that I did my best Tripoli, much to my surprise also! … and, by the third one, my concentration was waning… I enjoyed the experience too, but realize that I'm also a visual learner