Monday, July 20, 2015

Last Week's Journal Art

It's amazing to me that since my children have been out of school for the summer, I've been able to create in my journal every day. School starts in three weeks and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to create. 

For the page you see above, I was supposed to draw knick knacks. Since I collect elephant figurines, I thought I'd draw one of the sets I have. This one is from the Netherlands that Ken bought for me. They are porcelain and quite frankly I'm surprised they aren't shattered yet only because my youngest used to love to play with them. I'm told that you should only buy elephant figurine with the trunk pointed up because that brings good fortune. Well, I'm not big on superstition so I have quite a few whose trunks are down.

On Tuesday, the drawing prompt was to draw my favorite pen. And if you recall from last Tuesday's post, the patterns I used here should be familiar to you. My favorite pen to draw with is Platinum Carbon fountain pen. It is ultra fine and very smooth. It is an inexpensive fountain pen (under $15) and the ink is waterproof!! I drew my hand holding the pen drawing the zentangle pattern. 

On Wednesday, the prompt was to draw magic. I have done something similar in the past using PearlEX over black gesso. I love how shimmery the PearEX powders are. It's hard to see the shimmer on this photo but they are pretty!

I tried something a little different on this day. I was drawing a summer day and I just decided to paint the entire 2-page spread. It turned out really pretty. I used watercolor for this. I suppose I can share the actual spread. Nothing too private in my writing portion. 😊

On this day, I was also to list some of my favorite words...chaos, create, mellifluous, mensch, and crescendo.

On this day, I was to draw a storm. Many of you have probably seen a picture of something similar with the elephant holding the umbrella. In the ones I've seen, there is always some other animal sitting under the umbrella. But for mine, I drew a little girl (me). Is there an elephant spirit? Because I swear sometimes I feel it's presence. This was done using Inktense blocks and watercolor.

This is a quote I've used in my art before. It's what I thought of for drawing tools. Done with Inktense and colored pencils.

And finally for Sunday, I was to draw a notebook. You can tell that I've been thinking about planning. I've watched YouTube videos and read articles all weekend about different planning methods. As I mentioned earlier, school is coming up soon and I need an analog method of keeping track of schedules and to do's. If you recall, I was using my journal (Fauxbonichi) as a planner too.  But I'm liking my journal format now where I find an inspirational quote and illustrate it on one page and journal on the other. I don't know if I want to add my todo's and schedule on this too. So I've been looking for a planner or a planning system. I think I found it. It's called bullet journal. I'm naturally a very unorganized person. I have to write things down or I'll forget. And during school, I have to use my phone alarm to pick up the kids because well, Im usually distracted. I need a way to keep me focused on things I need to do versus things I want to do. It's a balance. So more about planning later. How do you keep yourself organized? Have a great Monday!


  1. How do I keep myself organized? Ha, good one, Angelcake! I love the picture and of the porcelain elephants and the quote that goes along with it. I'm not an elephant kind of person but these are cute. For an unorganized person, you are very put together it seems to me. You cannot cram thirty hours worth of stuff into a twenty-four hour day like you do without being organized. So there, nyah nyah.

    1. I seem to always give the impression that I'm organized. I like to create systems, for organization, for projects, etc. I'm just not very good at follow through and accountability, especially for things that relate to me. I'm going to be more active at my kids' schools (finally only two different schools!) so I want to make sure to carve out time for my family and for me. We will see! ❤️