Thursday, May 7, 2015

Favorite Poem

I was introduced to the work of Tyler Knott Gregson about a year ago from my friend, Mel. He is a contemporary poet whose words become an image in my mind. You can find Mr. Gregson's work here

The art journal entry you see above is my latest. Of course the first thoughts I had after reading the poem was the joy and anticipation of sipping that first cup of coffee. I started this piece in sepia tones but I actually kept seeing the colors purple and yellow. So I had to add them. This is the first time I had colors insisting they be used. Perhaps I'm losing it if I'm having a conversation in my mind with colors.

Adding purple was easy, it's a striking background. But yellow? So I just went with easy. Used a bubble wrap to crest simple flowers. 

This is a piece I did months ago. I saw the poem on Mel's timeline on Facebook and immediately fell in love. And I saw a basic image of a woman's face with gold cracks. I had done two of my Woman of Wisdom series already by then so the hair was influenced by that. I usually like to write the words out by hand, but for this one, I did it digitally.

This is also a piece I showed publicly at out Temple art show. Here's what I wrote about this piece for the show.

Yukari Bromfield

This piece was inspired by a quote from Tyler Knott Gregson and a Japanese art of mending broken pottery called Kintsukuori.  

Some days I wake up
and all I feel
are the fractures
in the flesh
that covers
the only me
I've ever known.
Some days,
it's those exact
that let the light
pour out
and cover
in gold
that found enough beauty
in the cracks
to stand

Kintsukuori is a process by which gold or silver lacquer is used to repair broken pottery with the belief that the piece is more beautiful for being broken.

Many of us are broken, put together with love and understanding.  And we are all beautiful for surviving.

Do you have a favorite poem or a poet?


  1. Hmm. There was a young man from Nantucket.... kidding! You know, Angelcake, it's weird. I used to like to write poetry when I was very young but I've never really liked reading it. I guess I have a prose mind. I always liked the funny stuff (surprise) by Ogden Nash, Shel Silverstein , Dr. Seuss et al. I've also always liked the poetry in songs. I love Kris Kristofferson. Now about those colors you are having conversations with, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Lovely pictures by the way.

    1. I would love to read your poems, Deedles! You are a natural! I like Shel Siverstein and Dr. Seuss and have used their words in my journal.

    2. Ms Kari, I would love to be able to paint. In my head are beautiful pictures needing a canvas but no outlet. That's probably why I love art. In my youth I would try to write poetry about serious stuff but my sense of humor would take over the whole thing. My childhood was pretty rotten, but even my angst couldn't get angsty! Songs and music, good strongholds to this day. Probably why I do song parodies sometimes. Oops I did it again, another ramble :)

    3. Your sense of humor is definitely one of your assets!

  2. Yukari both pieces are so wonderful. I love coffee and now I am hooked on that poem. The piece with the coffee is delightful and so beautiful. the second is so powerful and stirring ..beautiful art :)

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I love coffee too!

  3. I really love these. In particular the second one as I love the rainbow effect. Love the way the art compliments the words.

    1. Thanks Mia! That one is very special to me too!

  4. Wow...these are both fantastic Yukari. Having a the colours speak to you is your intuition coming to the fore...I'm glad you listened.

    1. Thanks, Roz! I hope they keep talking to me!

  5. Both such pleasant ideas - colors demanding to be used & pottery and people more beautiful for being broken. Nice post & very pretty Yukari!

  6. You so skillfully created pieces that give delightful meaning to these little written gems. Have you shared with Tyler yet? I'll bet he would be pleased.

  7. I've thought about sharing my work with Mr. Gregson but I haven't. Perhaps I'm too scared to share. I will keep thinking about it. 😄